Zinfandel and Orion

We adopted Zinfandel (formerly Santa Maria) from the SF SPCA July 2015. She was a momma of four kittens found on the streets of San Francisco. She is the sweetest, most loving little girl who loves to play and carry her mice around. When she lost her brother, we knew she was sad and had to find her a buddy ASAP. We visited the SF SPCA in May of 2016 and found Orion. Orion was shot with a BB gun and is our little one-eyed bandit. We knew he was our guy from the moment he jumped into our laps. Zinny and Orion connected almost immediately and became fast friends playing chase around the house, following each other everywhere, and even snuggling for nap time. We are so lucky to have these two in our life! They give us endless love and laughter every day! Thank you SF SPCA for all that you do!