Mrs. Maisel

Mrs. Maisel

2Y 7M
50lbs. 11oz.
Australian Cattle Dog
Head of the Class

Mrs. Maisel definitely has a lot of spunk! She's feisty and unpredictable. Mrs. Maisel is hoping to find her forever home with adopters experienced with active, rambunctious, excitable pups. She's eager and able to learn new things. As a working breed-type dog, Mrs. Maisel cannot abide being left to twiddle her paws for too long. She needs things to do and loves to do them with people. Fetch, for example, is a lovely game to help her burn off some of the exuberance she has in great abundance. She doesn't like to see other dogs around when she is on leash as she hopes every single one will be her playmate and gets frustrated when she learns they're not. If you are looking for an adoring companion who will give you years of active adventure, come meet Mrs. Maisel soon. Mrs. Maisel is currently eligible for a waived adoption fee.

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