Sebastian (formerly Martin)

Seventeen years ago I was walking through the shops of Embarcadero Two on my lunch hour, when my attention was diverted to an SF SPCA adoption stand. Instead of going back to work, I was compelled to go to see the kitties. That was where I met a little four-month-old kitten named Martin. It was love at first sight. I adopted him that afternoon (January 14, 2000) and brought him home. He was quite a long cat when he stretched himself out, so I gave him a longer name, Sebastian. He was my wonderful, cuddly little buddy for the next 17 years. Sebastian never left my side when I was sick, so when he became ill, my mother and I did everything we could for him. Finally, there was nothing more we could do. We were with him when he died peacefully in the vet's office, wrapped in his favorite blanket on January 2, 2017.