We started looking for a dog in 2014 and knew we wanted to rescue one. We scoured the adoption websites and went looking whenever we drove by a shelter, but we just couldn't find a dog that we wanted and connected with; that is until March of 2015. We live in the North Bay and decided to spend a weekend in Monterey. On the way down we stopped at every shelter along the way. In San Jose we found a dog that we really liked, but hesitated since we were on a mini-vacation. The following day we said, "If Millie was still at the shelter we would adopt her." Of course, the next day Millie had already found her forever home with another family. We decided to go into San Francisco for one last look at the SF SPCA. Upon arrival, we found the facilities to be amazing! Clean, friendly volunteers, and all the animals looked well cared for in individual rooms. Then we saw Monkey. She was perfect, and we asked to meet her in the meeting room. Once she arrived she jumped right into our lap and the bond was made. We took Monkey home that day. Monkey was a stray from Stockton, and we knew little about her past. She was scared of everything: noises, pigeons, cars, etc. Her first night with us went well though. She went right into her crate and slept through the night without a sound. The next day our little Monkey's personality started to appear. She was playful, sweet, and loved people. We brought her to the dog park, and she was really scared, but slowly over several weeks, she began to play with other dogs. I can't imagine our life without Monkey now. I feel that adopted dogs have a sense of appreciation for a good home. Sometimes I just watch her sleep and am amazed at the love that I have for this little dog. We are so happy that the SF SPCA is here and that they have helped thousands of animals find homes. Please support them and more importantly please adopt these pets. They need homes.